Zero Waste Tomatoes

Since tomatoes are such ubiquitous ingredients there is bound to be waste. Waste is not just defined as tossing something into the waste bin and space it occupies in the landfills but actually all the energy it took to bring the tomato to market; fuel, lighting, irrigation, materials, and human resources. Waste doesn’t have to … Continue reading Zero Waste Tomatoes

A Muhammara Breakfast

 How Do I Do Muhammara? Well, instead of posting yet another muhammara recipe I’d like to show you my favorite way to eat this delightful mix of walnut, pomegranate, roasted pepper and spices from the Middle East. What makes this a particularly special breakfast or brunch are the robust flavors a muhammara spread commands. This … Continue reading A Muhammara Breakfast

Mapo Tofu Recipe

Mapo Tofu, Just Like Mom Used to Make Ok, well not my mom but someone’s Chinese mom made this. This super fast and easy mapo tofu recipe came from a penpal I have who lives just right out of Suzhou, China so naturally thanks goes out to her. I had this dish a couple times … Continue reading Mapo Tofu Recipe

Pork Belly Recipe

Pork Belly Recipe With a Bonus “Chicharrón”! Oh yes. Just when you thought pork belly doesn’t get any better it does. This recipe will yield a little Chicharrón hat that will delight those hard to please carnivorous foodies. Sadly, it took me years and years to get jiggy with pork belly. I grew up in … Continue reading Pork Belly Recipe

Phở Bò Recipe

In Vietnamese it’s “phở bò” or sometimes known as Vietnamese beef noodle soup for people that don’t make it out much. And guess what’s for breakfast or brunch? Yeah, that’s right…phở! This not usually a dinner time meal. I saw a ton of stalls in Vietnam in the wee early morning dishing out this little … Continue reading Phở Bò Recipe