Turkish Style Beets

You Can’t Beet This for Nutrients I’d have to say that a good portion of my life I ate beets from a jar/can. I know, I know. Crude but compared to what other kids were eating at the time (a cornucopia of fried foods) in the South, it was quite healthy. Thanks Mom. Now you … Continue reading Turkish Style Beets

Rockin’ Ramen Recipe

This is Not Your College Chicken Ramen. You need this in your culinary wheelhouse. Once you cook a fantastic ramen you become intimately familiar with the stock making process and you want this sexiness. It works. Ramen stock making is such an easy task yet it yields such a complex, delicious result. A really good ramen will make a … Continue reading Rockin’ Ramen Recipe

Phở Bò Recipe

In Vietnamese it’s “phở bò” or sometimes known as Vietnamese beef noodle soup for people that don’t make it out much. And guess what’s for breakfast or brunch? Yeah, that’s right…phở! This not usually a dinner time meal. I saw a ton of stalls in Vietnam in the wee early morning dishing out this little … Continue reading Phở Bò Recipe

North African Stew

I was oblivious to Moroccan, Tunisian and more broadly North African recipes until late in life. I spent a ton of time really getting into Asian and French cuisines / methodologies. It also didn’t help much that what some restaurants (in my early years) touted as their North African menus were in fact a combination of Middle … Continue reading North African Stew