Pickled Okra Recipe

Pickled Okra Indian Style One of the most delicious ways to eat okra. Having grown up in the South I’ve had spicy pickled okra, sweet pickled okra, okra canned with peppers and cauliflower, steamed okra (least favorite), and fried okra seven ways to Sunday. It’s a Southern thing I suppose. I generally love okra every … Continue reading Pickled Okra Recipe

A Muhammara Breakfast

 How Do I Do Muhammara? Well, instead of posting yet another muhammara recipe I’d like to show you my favorite way to eat this delightful mix of walnut, pomegranate, roasted pepper and spices from the Middle East. What makes this a particularly special breakfast or brunch are the robust flavors a muhammara spread commands. This … Continue reading A Muhammara Breakfast

Turmeric Potion

Turmeric. Asia, but specifically India has been using this ingredient for ages. It’s in just about every curry recipe I make. But the time has come for the Western culture to finally adopt it, embrace it and bring it on home. Without going all WebMD on everyone, I will say that it absolutely helps me … Continue reading Turmeric Potion

Sailor Man Soup

I absolutely fell in love with these easy herb-boosted soups when I was traveling through Brussels and Ghent for work back in the early 2000’s. Whether it was this spinach dill recipe or some chicory, asparagus, tarragon, savory, or lovage variety…I was absolutely smitten with those flavors. When we would have conference breaks (yawn), I would … Continue reading Sailor Man Soup

Tonto Meet Chili

Hi Ho Chili, Away! This recipe is a a nod to the old Lone Ranger and Tonto episodes. My mom had to work weekends as a server due to how many tips you generally earn during those times and that kept the heat on!Rich southern aristocrats would come in with their Southern swagger and order … Continue reading Tonto Meet Chili