Taiwanese Fried Chicken & Onion Waffles

taiwanese fried chicken waffles

I am a big fan of some authentic southern fried chicken and the classic Belgian waffle. Salty, sweet, fried food. How can you go wrong? I have even found myself saddled up in front of a famous Roscoe’s chicken and waffles – a Los Angeles staple. It’s the perfect combo for a gluttonous afternoon especially after painting the town red or perhaps just a compliment to your otherwise lazy Sunday morning. Look, if Snoop Dog loves it, how could be wrong?

Now, my waffles have a Taiwanese spin on them. I wanted to make waffles that were more savory than sweet and down play the amount of waffle mix since carbs are always in check as I grow older. What was my motivation?

If you have ever been to a Taiwanese or Chinese restaurant, more than not they will have the onion pancake on the menu. I love those things and always pondered how I could incorporate them into something very Western.

I took the concept and spun it into a waffle and if I was going to go full waffle, I might as well add some fried chicken just not the one you were expecting. I wanted to use the Taiwanese night market method.


You will need to pull my Taiwanese fried chicken recipe off the shelf for starters. Once you have that under your culinary belt then just make the waffles. So, so easy.


Take some waffle mix for 4 people and add a large amount (about a cup or so) of scallions and chive blossoms to it – pulp, juice and all. Don’t use milk or butter in this recipe. Go for the water and the oil.

So what’s next? Stir that together and drop it onto a waffle iron. Easy.

Oh, wow. You just did it, didn’t you? You went full waffle.

Pair that up with some Chinese black vinegar and the Taiwanese fried chicken you just fried. Copy this recipe, modify, let it inspire you to do more.


Taiwanese Fried Chicken & Onion Waffles

Taiwanese Fried Chicken & Onion Waffles


  • Waffle mix for 4 people
  • 1 cup of chive blossoms
  • 1/3 cup chive pulp / juice
  • Water and the oil


  1. First go read the Taiwanese fried chicken recipe. Make that and come back.
  2. Take the waffle mix for and add the oniony ingredients – pulp, juice and all.
  3. Don't use milk or butter in this recipe. Go for the water and the oil.
  4. So what's next? Stir that together and drop it onto a waffle iron. Easy.

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