Privacy Policy

ThinkEatDrink does not share user information of any kind with anyone. PERIOD. I will not sell or rent your name or personal information to any third party. PERIOD. At anytime a user or business is free to unsubscribe and leave, or to simply delete their account (if you made one) from the site.

I have plugged in Facebook commenting which is owned by Facebook. Not me. I also have standard commenting.

ThinkEatDrink uses Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools for various business intel. Users can completely block Google Analytics tracking using Google’s Opt-out browser add-on.

I also have little desire to share any of your comments (unless they are super interesting/funny) to the world. This is a food blog. C’mon. It’s about making great food and sharing it with the world so none of us has to ever eat shitty food again.