New Think Eat Drink Kitchen

It was time. We had to expand our kitchen to accommodate all our food requests and people coming over. We are in the process of moving and creating a new efficiency kitchen for the Think Eat Drink video channel. Why we didn’t go BIG? Well, a.) we don’t want to use our resources like that and b.) most people don’t’ have huge kitchens.¬†You don’t need them to create great food. Look at some of the food stalls out in the world. Delicious and small. Focused, yet varied.

What this will solve?

  • I will have a 100,000 BTU cooker¬†dedicated to the Wok and massive boils.
  • I will be able to grill a proper Emerald Thai chicken without it smoking the house
  • I can make Ukoy without a massive build-up of dishes
  • I can serve my guests properly; be that drink or eat.
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