I am the sometimes sarcastic, passionate, cheeky and instructional voice behind this food blog.


I spend my days thinking a lot about food production, taste patterns and pairings. I spend my evenings in the kitchen dissecting recipes and creating my own. I do this for healthier spins, better taste and for cravings that would be hard to satisfy even in NYC area. I want people to start (or continue) thinking about the food they put into their bodies. Good food can be your medicine, your fuel, and essentially your feel good moments. You really are what you eat.


When I cook I think about portion control, amount of butter, salt, fat, and sugar. I think everyone should eat fresh, delicious meals. I also think we should all slow down and eat together when possible. It’s fundamental to being human.


I am conscious of what to pair with various items. Sometimes wine, sometimes beer, sake or even beverages like homemade ginger-ale. Water mostly works for me day-to-day, but when I’m entertaining, I want the experience to be colorful, tasty and complimentary to what everyone is eating. Drinking isn’t always a beverage per se. It’s also about soups, broths and stocks.

About Me

When I was much younger, I had to cook for myself. My parents were divorced and that means everyone worked, many hours in fact. My Mom spent countless hours as a server. I was exposed to thousands of restaurant meals.

Even at a young age there was something in my brain that kept whispering, “Food can be much better than Shoney’s or the Cracker Barrel”

I made my first proper omelet when I was seven. Not the browned, dense kind but the light fluffy, yellow kind on an electric stove. I never looked back.

I cooked all through college in a bunch of good and bad restaurants. I also spent many years eating and traveling around the world. I spent a few years living in Asia, months in Latin America and many weeks all around Europe and the Middle East.

Now as I approach a different part of my life (much older) I mainly cook for dinner parties, friends and family. Here are some more facts about who I am.

  • I am constantly seeking out unique, fresh, rare ingredients all around NYC and NJ. (e.g. fresh, organic free-range beef tendon or edible flowers)
  • I am currently shooting with a Nikon D3300.
  • I have a few decent lenses for macro, telephoto and portrait photography.
  • I try to stay away from editing and let the lighting and camera shoulder all the work.
  • I built this site and wrote all the copy.
  • I grow a lot of my own flowers and micro greens.
  • I currently cook to feed my insatiably, hungry wifey.
  • Just finished my 3rd kitchen renovation.
  • I want a restaurant of my own someday.

I don’t keep the classic journals or diaries. I blog which is a lot more public and a lot less private. I do this as a sort of therapy and food just so happens to be the therapy that brings me to a state of real relaxation.

I work in tech along side millions of other people and in that world the data never stops making requests. That can wear a person down. So much in fact that countless people from Austin to San Francisco over toward Salt Lake City, Seattle, New York and even North Carolina are seeing record numbers in food revenue. Why? They hit the bars and hipster restaurants in search of really good food…and there is a lot of it out there. Why again? Well, we are hungry and thirsty for not only a meal but for an experience that has a beginning and an ending. We crave this. It’s a once a upon a time > the end.

Let me put this a better way…

In a world of technology some things never finish. They just never do. That places a burden on some people (like me). You simply grow and adapt to all the requests. I do not think of development like a Bonsai tree here, I approach it like an invasive tomato plant. That’s development for me.


#ThinkEatDrink Kitchen

There is not magic, just hard work. Start Making Food