Gỏi cuốn Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Gỏi cuốn
Gỏi cuốn

I have been experimenting heavily with various herbs and tastes for the perfect Gỏi cuốn – Chinese liver sausage version.

I will put this out there even though it is super obvious. Gỏi cuốn / Goi Cuon / Vietnamese rolls are not hard to do. It’s all about the dipping sauce and the procurement of fresh, high quality ingredients.

This Gỏi Cuốn Has The Following Ingredients

  • Tofu cut into batons
  • Chinese liver sausage cut into batons
  • Scallions cut into thin ribbons
  • Blanched rice vermicelli with sesame oil to keep it separated
  • Kinh Gioi (Viet) | Vietnamese Balm (English) | Elsholtzia ciliata (Latin/Scientific)
  • Rau Răm (Viet) | Vietnamese coriander (English) | Persicaria odorata (Latin/Scientific)
  • Rice paper – Ders, McDer.

The sausage is very “sausagey”. I wanted to lighten , add some spark with the Kinh Gioi since it has a lemony, spicy taste. The reason I added the Rau Răm (which smells like a floral bath to some) to the mix was to compliment the onions with a buttery, floral undertone. When you dip all this into a homemade Nước chấm you basically invoking the Viet spirit which slaps your tongue with sensation possible. It hits all the senses, even the umami. It’s super healthy even with the salts and fats from the sausage.

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