Take It Slow and Easy

Ah, the Crock. Absolutely a necessity if you have kids and really nice when you don’t. You can essentially have crazy, slow-cooked BBQ when you step through the door from work. You can have have all sorts of kid friendly meals along with some seriously addicting ramen stock. The crock-pot is a little bit of ceramic heaven.

vegan demi-glace

Vegan Demi-Glace, Boom!

A proper vegetarian demi-glace is something that simply needs to be in your wheelhouse. It’s such a work horse of a sauce and you…

Pickled Okra Recipe

Pickled Okra Indian Style One of the most delicious ways to eat okra. Having grown up in the South I’ve had spicy pickled okra,…

pozole rojo

Pozole Rojo For Your Soul

Ahhh, Mexican Pozole. My first encounter with a delicious bowl of pozole rojo is when I lived in “La Mission” of San Francisco during the…

irish beef stew

Irish Beef Stew

This quasi-Irish stew is piping full of flavor from the beef broth and Irish beer reduction; the ultimate comfort food!

tokyo ramen

Rockin’ Ramen Recipe

This is Not Your College Chicken Ramen. You need this in your culinary wheelhouse. Once you cook a fantastic ramen you become intimately familiar with the…

Phở Bò Recipe

In Vietnamese it’s “phở bò” or sometimes known as Vietnamese beef noodle soup for people that don’t make it out much. And guess what’s…

Moroccan Stew

North African Stew

I was oblivious to Moroccan, Tunisian and more broadly North African recipes until late in life. I spent a ton of time really getting into Asian…

PHO GA recipe

Pho Ga Recipe

Who Loves a Good Pho Ga? Phở king everyone. Why? Because a proper Phở Gà has all these these umami flavors that make people happy. It’s…

beef bone stock

Beef Stock Recipe

This is the beefcake of beef stocks. I am not going to say this is the best beef stock recipe because we all know…

Chinese Oxtail

Chinese Oxtail Recipe

Chinese Braised Oxtail – a dinner party favorite. I make this for guests since a whole lot of people don’t usually indulge in oxtail let alone go through a long braising method to drain the fats.

Tiger’s Tail Mandarin Beef Ribs

I was recently challenged (online) to make something totally unique and “probably” not in any cookbook somewhere. I always enjoy a good challenge especially when it comes to cooking. I started with some beef ribs since most of the people on this planet love them.

The ThinkEatDrink Kitchen

This is my lab, my meditation room, my dojo. This tiny kitchen is where all the meals happen. We were just featured in ApartmentTherapy’s…

Asian Influenced Orleans Black-Eyed Peas

My first attempt at this dish was to pair the black-eyed peas up with a South East Asian omelet. These omelets generally have fish sauce and some sort of sort of veggie in them like scallions, sprouts or a local vine leaf. I made mine with some shrimp paste (very Vietnamese) and fresh dill in it.

thai boat noodle soup

Thai Boat Noodle Soup Recipe

Yes, there are of course many variations of Thai Boat Noodle soup, but generally every stall in Thailand has the same basic elements. This Thai soup is great particularly for women. Lots of good stuff for the joints, bones and blood.