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Indian Roasted Chickpeas

Half my office is vegan or vegetarian so lately I have been cranking those cerebral gears in order to come up with some delicious meals they…


Homemade Tandoori Chicken

I have had plenty of Tandoori chicken from a wide array of Indian restaurants but it wasn’t until I landed in the Maldives by…

Turkey Liver Pâté

Pâté has always been a hit or miss for me until I got down and with it’s origins. Most cultures outside of the USA…

Moroccan Stew

North African Stew

I was oblivious to Moroccan, Tunisian and more broadly North African recipes until late in life. I spent a ton of time really getting into Asian…

Chinese five spice

Homemade Chinese Five Spice

Also known as Asian five-spice or just 5-spice since other countries use it as well…but please…please don’t buy it from the store. Sure, there are…


Turkish Shawarma Recipe

Homemade Chicken Shawarma (shāwarmā) I will guide you into heaven with this recipe. And with heaven I mean flavor euphoria. I wrangled this recipe…

PHO GA recipe

Pho Ga Recipe

Who Loves a Good Pho Ga? Phở king everyone. Why? Because a proper Phở Gà has all these these umami flavors that make people happy. It’s…

beef bone stock

Beef Stock Recipe

This is the beefcake of beef stocks. I am not going to say this is the best beef stock recipe because we all know…

Ukoy Recipe

Tito Jimmy’s Ukoy Recipe

Ukoy or Shrimp Fritter It wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned about the Ukoy (ooh-coy). One of the Philippines lesser known street…

Chinese Poached Chicken

I make this as delicious as I can without a ton of salt which is generally synonymous with a lot of restaurant-style Chinese food. This is a pretty authentic recipe eaten in and around Sichuan, China, but definitely not just there.


Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe

I don’t know another rival. It took years for me to recognize the quality of my family’s pumpkin pie. It was always just a…

Gai Yang (Thai grilled chicken)

Thai Grilled Chicken (Gai Yang)

This is my take on a mind blowing grilled chicken I had when I was in Bangkok. No it was not street side, nor was it at some “cafeteria” stall or at some fancy “hi-so” hangout. It was deep in the recesses of a Mall which is not that surprising if you have been to Bangkok.

Chinese Oxtail

Chinese Oxtail Recipe

Chinese Braised Oxtail – a dinner party favorite. I make this for guests since a whole lot of people don’t usually indulge in oxtail let alone go through a long braising method to drain the fats.

Tiger’s Tail Mandarin Beef Ribs

I was recently challenged (online) to make something totally unique and “probably” not in any cookbook somewhere. I always enjoy a good challenge especially when it comes to cooking. I started with some beef ribs since most of the people on this planet love them.

Ceviche Recipe (de Pescado)

Like most ceviche recipes this is a simple, pragmatic approach to a tasty, healthy fish dish. I lean toward a Mexican coastal ceviche more than a Peruvian or other South American one. The one that changed me forever was surprising in Baja, Mexico.