My Time in Asia

fresh turmeric

Turmeric Potion

Turmeric. Asia, but specifically India has been using this ingredient for ages. It’s in just about every curry recipe I make. But the time…

Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu Recipe

Mapo Tofu, Just Like Mom Used to Make Ok, well not my mom but someone’s Chinese mom made this. This super fast and easy…

Strange Brew IPA

I have always been a fan of home brewing. Hell, I even created my own illegal homebrewing network when I was in Bangkok. Why would…

Pork Belly Recipe

Pork Belly Recipe With a Bonus “Chicharrón”! Oh yes. Just when you thought pork belly doesn’t get any better it does. This recipe will…

Kimchi Brussel Sprouts

‘Hallo’ Kimchi, Meet My Brussels. It will pump you up! I take the Brussel sprout cores, some green daikon slices and turn them into…

indian dal recipe

My Baby “Dal” Recipe

The Indian Dal Narrative The making of an Indian dal is no more difficult than a hot bowl of oatmeal except a million times tastier….

tokyo ramen

Rockin’ Ramen Recipe

This is Not Your College Chicken Ramen. You need this in your culinary wheelhouse. Once you cook a fantastic ramen you become intimately familiar with the…

Phở Bò Recipe

In Vietnamese it’s “phở bò” or sometimes known as Vietnamese beef noodle soup for people that don’t make it out much. And guess what’s…

Indian Roasted Chickpeas

Half my office is vegan or vegetarian so lately I have been cranking those cerebral gears in order to come up with some delicious meals they…

Chinese five spice

Homemade Chinese Five Spice

Also known as Asian five-spice or just 5-spice since other countries use it as well…but please…please don’t buy it from the store. Sure, there are…

PHO GA recipe

Pho Ga Recipe

Who Loves a Good Pho Ga? Phở king everyone. Why? Because a proper Phở Gà has all these these umami flavors that make people happy. It’s…

Ukoy Recipe

Tito Jimmy’s Ukoy Recipe

Ukoy or Shrimp Fritter It wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned about the Ukoy (ooh-coy). One of the Philippines lesser known street…

Chinese Poached Chicken

I make this as delicious as I can without a ton of salt which is generally synonymous with a lot of restaurant-style Chinese food. This is a pretty authentic recipe eaten in and around Sichuan, China, but definitely not just there.

Gai Yang (Thai grilled chicken)

Thai Grilled Chicken (Gai Yang)

This is my take on a mind blowing grilled chicken I had when I was in Bangkok. No it was not street side, nor was it at some “cafeteria” stall or at some fancy “hi-so” hangout. It was deep in the recesses of a Mall which is not that surprising if you have been to Bangkok.

Chinese Oxtail

Chinese Oxtail Recipe

Chinese Braised Oxtail – a dinner party favorite. I make this for guests since a whole lot of people don’t usually indulge in oxtail let alone go through a long braising method to drain the fats.