Herb-alize it

I love herbs. Love them, and any chance I have to cook with a whole bunch of them I’m game. Not only are they medicinal and flavorful but they are a great catalyst for discussion especially if you have have big bouquet of Vietnamese herbs just sitting there in the middle of the table just begging to be nibbled on.

spinach dill soup

Sailor Man Soup

I absolutely fell in love with these easy herb-boosted soups when I was traveling through Brussels and Ghent for work back in the early…

Gỏi cuốn

Gỏi cuốn Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I have been experimenting heavily with various herbs and tastes for the perfect Gỏi cuốn – Chinese liver sausage version. I will put this out there even though it is super obvious. Gỏi cuốn / Goi Cuon / Vietnamese rolls are not hard to do. It’s all about the dipping sauce and the procurement of fresh, high quality ingredients.