Beef Stock Recipe

beef bone stock

This is the beefcake of beef stocks. I am not going to say this is the best beef stock recipe because we all know “best” is subjective to tastes but this stock is damn good.

Now, while this beef stock is not on the NYSE it can certainly be traded, sold, and liquidated when needed. It took me many years to get to this level (life got in the way) and this is a beef stock that I use for almost all my recipes.

Things you must get comfortable with if you want to up your stockiness:

  • Find a butcher. Someone that can saw down some bovine femurs.
  • Buy a large crock-pot, pressure-cooker or a very large stock pot.
  • You will need a sieve.
  • Plan your process out.
  • Don’t shy away from bovine tendons, ligaments, knees, joints, etc.

Beef Bone Stock Uses

This is a hyper-rich beef stock I generally use for Vietnamese Pho Bo, Thai Boat Noodle, Irish Beef Stew, Italian Beef Minestrone, Korean Yook Gea Jang, etc. The list could go on but you get the point. It’s an extremely robust beef stock that is sure to please especially with all that collagen.

Note: you can also roast the bones first if you are looking for that type of dark, rustic stock but I generally make that in much smaller quantities. I also omit all the aromatics or mirepoix since I am just aiming for a pure bone stock.

Beef Stock Ingredients

Bovine femurs. Wait that’s it?! Yup. Remember, this is stock, not broth.

beef bones

Wait, how much do I use? Good question. It’s all relative for what your goal is. Keep reading.

How to Make Beef Stock

For this recipe I am going to use a 16 qt. pressure cooker. I want a lot of beef stock for the winter. I fill the bottom with the beef bones and cover them with about two to three inches of water. That will give me a great tasting flavor. I seal the pressure cooker and bring it up to 15 PSI. That usually takes an hour. It will take more or less depending on the amount you are aiming for.

Once it reaches 15 PSI I put the timer on for a hour, open one of the kitchen windows and turn on the overhead exhaust. It will steam and spit and fill the house with that deep beefy aroma. Once the timer goes off, I simply turn off the gas and let it cool to room temperature.

I carefully bring all the bones out with my tongs and put them in a strainer to catch any more stock. Then I filter the beef stock through a my sieve into a large stock pot which I will refrigerate for a few hours. This will bring all the fat up to the top to peel away later. This will leave you with a large pot of beef gelatin. This is OK.

beef fat

I put it over a little heat to liquify and then let it cool at room temperature. My yield for this approach is about 6 liters of stock which I freeze. You can aim for less or more, just scale the water and bones accordingly.

You are done. The beefy-ness should be really tangible. I store it in one liter containers. There is no salt, no additives, no aromatics, nada. This is pure beef bone stock in all its delicious medicinal glory. You also have tallow now for soaps, delicious stir-frys, candles or even biodiesel for your futuristic car. It’s a lot healthier than Crisco.


Beef Stock Recipe

Beef Stock Recipe


  • Beef femurs (or a mix of upper hoof, neck, etc.) Depends on what type of stock you are looking.


  1. Put enough beef bones to about half-way fill a 16 qt. pressure cooker. About 3.5kg of bones.
  2. Cover the beef bones with 2 inches of water
  3. Seal the top of the pressure cooker and put it on some gas
  4. Bring the pressure up to 15 PSI
  5. Once brought up to 15 PSI, set time for an hour and then remove from heat
  6. Bring stock to room temperature and remove cover
  7. Remove bones and strain through a sieve
  8. Refrigerate the beef stock for a few hours
  9. Once cooled for a few hours a hard whitish, waxy, greasy layer will form at the top
  10. That's pure fat. Remove it and save for later
  11. Underneath will be a beef gelatin (jello) or a semi-aspic
  12. Heat the beef gelatin up and liquefy it and then cool to room temperature
  13. Package it, label it, date it and then flash freeze it