Ceviche Recipe (de Pescado)

Like most ceviche recipes this is a simple, pragmatic approach to a tasty, healthy fish dish. I lean toward a Mexican coastal ceviche more than a Peruvian or other South American one. The one that changed me forever was surprising in Baja, Mexico.

Indian Saag Recipe

Why would I post yet another Indian Saag recipe when there are so, so many recipes already out there? Especially ones from Indians and and Indian cooks? My recipe was driven by these simple factors.

Gỏi cuốn

Gỏi cuốn Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I have been experimenting heavily with various herbs and tastes for the perfect Gỏi cuốn – Chinese liver sausage version. I will put this out there even though it is super obvious. Gỏi cuốn / Goi Cuon / Vietnamese rolls are not hard to do. It’s all about the dipping sauce and the procurement of fresh, high quality ingredients.

Garlic Fried Rice

A mastery of a classic garlic rice can really round out your dinner. It shows depth and all the garlic is a great health booster. The key here is to stir-fry the raw, un-cooked rice while imparting garlic and the taste of a homemade chicken stock into it.